Over 65 years ago, a chemist and a chemical engineer were discussing their home pools over lunch. Their common complaint was the quality of chemical compounds used in their pool treatment. They were unsatisfied with the results from the “state of the art” then available – and, as chemists, they understood that the more unnecessary chemicals they used, the “harder” and higher in dissolved solids their pool water would become. They also were concerned about proper buffering to protect the interior pool surfaces, and about the control of pathogens – bacteria, viruses and protozoa – that could make swimmers sick. They decided to work together to solve their home pool chemical dilemma.

In 1955 the two introduced Pool Chlor – a pool water treatment program using a then-unique blend of chlorine, UV protectant, and pH buffers. Shortly thereafter, one of California’s largest pool plastering contractors joined the Pool Chlor team. After monitoring the effectiveness of the system, he became convinced that Pool Chlor’s unique chemical application was the answer to plaster problems caused by the misapplication of some chemical compounds used in pool water treatment.

The Pool Chlor team began extensive research into pool water and plaster chemistry – research that still continues today – in an effort to resolve problems and improve pool chemical technology. Naturally, over the past six decades the Pool Chlor system itself has been refined, not only due to these advances in technology, but also on the strength of over ten million Pool Chlor service visits. Although you will find service companies that attempt to offer service “similar” to Pool Chlor’s, no other service company can match Pool Chlor’s expertise in chemistry, or their background in field service.
When you hire Pool Chlor, you entrust your pool to the company that knows pool chemistry better than anyone else:

  • The unique, original inventor of the residential chlorine/stabilizer/buffer process
  • Developed by chemists and chemical engineers – not speculative investors or former pool servicemen
  • Six decades of field experience
  • Servicing tens of thousands of pools every week


Pool chemicals are helpful and necessary – but like any chemical, they are only helpful when handled properly. While Pool Chlor has felt it important to remain the leader in swimming pool chemical care, we have also been pioneers in the area of safety. Our efforts include safety training of employees, cooperation with regulatory agencies, and membership and participation in safety-minded groups such as the National Association of Gas Chlorinators, the National Spa and Pool Institute, and local drowning prevention organizations.

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