Chemical Services

Since 1955, our focus has been providing the “best” chemical service possible for the “best” price to our customers.

Through researchinnovation, and experience from servicing tens of thousands of pools throughout our various offices, we pride ourselves on being the industry leader when it comes to chemically treating residential swimming pools.

Chemical Services

$77.00 per month
$45.00 annual conditioning fee (May)
*No hidden or extra charges*
(Start up fee may apply)

  • No need to store hazardous chemicals on your property
  • Save time by not having to take water samples to pool store, then add chemicals when you get home
  • Save money by not having to go to the pool store and buy chemicals you really don’t need
  • No more worries or stress about what chemicals to add to keep water balanced

Full Service

One-time Cleaning Service

Cleaning service includes;

  • Emptying baskets
  • Brushing steps
  • Brushing walls when needed
  • Vacuuming when needed
  • Backwashing when needed
  • ** Please note that pool must have either working pop up heads, or a working automatic pool cleaner**

Contact us if have questions about our one-time pool cleaning services.

Under most circumstances, homeowners can spend less than 10 minutes per week caring for their pool. Call us for a free evaluation of your pool, and let us show you how easy it is.

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