The Best Choice

Pool Chlor is the “BEST” Choice for your pool chemical service because:

  • The Pool Chlor system was developed by a Chemical Engineer, a Chemist, and a well respected Plasterer, whose goal was to develop a perfect balance between water chemistry and the longevity of pool surfaces.
  • Over 65 years of residential pool chemical service experience
  • Most knowledgeable and experienced pool chemical service company there is
  • Experts in water chemistry
  • Excellent customer service

Pool Chlor can service your pool cheaper than by doing it yourself.

Many are under the belief that they can save more money by doing it themselves. But that belief is quickly shattered when they walk out of a pool store with a 100.00 or 200.00 bill just to take care of some algae or a slightly green pool. Then in two weeks they are right back at the pool store with the same issue!

Pool Chlor uses a variety of different chemicals to help custom balance your pool.

With our decades of experience we can figure out why your pool is cloudy, getting algae or turning green, and then solve the problem by using the proper chemicals, and or make recommendations that will make your pool equipment more efficient click here.

Avoid the time, the headache of knowing when and what to add, the hassle of mixing and storing chemicals, and most of all the expense for chemicals.

Pool Chlor is Economical, Convenient, and Reliable

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